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Is is too reptilian to suggest that voters tend and want to vote for those whom they believe align with their values? It could be that McCain and Palin resonate better with larger swaths of the country than the urban, bi-coastal and youthful sets can admit.

That's what this election will come down to: what do the "fly-overs" think?

Not sure. Your forumlation looks simple, but isn't. Who are the voters and what are their values? Are there really "fly-overs" and "urban, bi-coastal and youthful sets" or are those fictions created by marketers who stand to get rich or powerful or both if they create divisions and oppositions? Are fly-overs genuinely voting their values, or did political salesmen create the idea of fly-overs (and, conversely, urban elites) and tell them what their values ought to be?

If there were "fly-overs," then the middle of the country would be voting 100 percent McCain, and the coasts would be voting 100 percent Obama. Somehow I don't think that's going to happen. The values of the two supposed groups may be a lot closer together than anybody realizes.

The problem with the marketing approach to politics is that it's all just tools, and tools are easy to abuse. I can use a hammer to build a house or beat someone's brains in. And the reptilian may always win but the reptilian is also really easy to manipulate. "Vote your values" or "Be afraid of the scary exotic guy?" It can be hard to tell the difference.

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